creative usb flash logo

Create your own Creative USB Flash Drive.
We can make figures, company logos, vehicles, airplanes, and funny shapes per your request.
MOQ is 100 pcs | Up to 64 GB

USB Transportation

Airplanes, Trucks, Cars, Rockets, Buses, ...
MOQ is 100 pcs Creative USB Flash Drive Transportation

USB People

Create mascots, pupils, doctors or other humans
MOQ is 100 pcs
Creative USB Flash Drive People

USB Logos

Your logo as a USB Flash Drive - no problem.
MOQ is 100 pcs.
Creative USB Flash Drive Logos

USB Miscellaneous

Nearly all designs we can do as Creative USB Flash Drive.
Ask for 3D preview. MOQ is 100 pcs. Creative USB Flash Drive Miscellaneous

USB Metal, Wood, ABS Plastic

We also manufacture USB Flash Drives made out of metal, wood, or ABS plastic.
MOQ > 500 pcs Creative USB Flash Drive Metall, ABS

usb flash logo

Huge variety of USB Flash Drives
More than 500 different models
MOQ is 100 pcs with your logo & packaging
Metal/Alu Plastic Mini Leather Wooden USB Paper Card Packaging
USB Flash Drives

Metal | USB Flash Drives

Shiny, matte, swivel or standard:
We have more than 100 different metal housings
Up to 128 GB
Printing | Engraving
Metal USB Flash Drives

Plastic | USB Flash Drives

Most of them we can manufacture in each Pantone color.
More than 80 different plastic models
Up to 128 GB
Plastic USB Flash Drives

Mini | USB Flash Drives

Mini UDP Flash Drives
More than 80 different mini models
Up to 64 GB
Mini USB Flash Drives

Leather USB Flash Drives

Different, shapes, colors & structures
Printing & Embossing
Up to 128 GB | MOQ is 100 pcs
Leather USB Flash Drives

Wooden USB Flash Drives

Different, shapes & wooden colors
Printing & Embossing & Engraving
Up to 128 GB | MOQ is 100 pcs
Wooden USB Flash Drives

Paper USB Cards

Paper cards, various sizes, full color printing
Patented Design | FSC Paper, PLA Platic, Sustainable USB Paper Card
4 GB up to 64 GB | MOQ 250 is pcs
Paper USB Cards

USB Flash Drive Packaging

We offer a various of USB packaging
Transparent plastic, tin boxes, carton box or window boxes
Different colors available
Standard MOQ is 100 pcs | Fully customized carton MOQ is 500 pcs
USB Flash Packaging